Staying with the Trouble…

Embracing the discomfort of uncertainty, while viruses invade your body and mind.

Staying sane has become a daily preoccupation.

Oh, what wouldn’t I give for some frivolousness in my heart, but these days it eludes me. I still laugh, dark laughter, sad laughter, laughs of relief. No, it’s not that I’ve lost my sense of humor, it’s just …

My biggest fear isn’t death, it’s that we learn nothing, change nothing, from this experience.

I get it, we’re all raring to go, to get back to normal and feel in motion again. I do. But going back to normal is impossible, if we wish to stay sane and survive as a species. It would be utterly shameful if we didn’t take this pause to deeply consider life and what it would take for us to create a thriving world that cares for the dynamic ecosystems we are embedded in and dependent upon. For all my desire for fancy dancing, there’s no back to normal for me. There hasn’t been for quite a while.

© Lone Mørch

Everyone wants (to be) a hero, but the time of the lone wolf, let alone the savior, is over. Rather than trying to figure out our individual trajectories on our own, Donna Haraway suggests we need to stay with the trouble.

That is to say: we stay with other humans and the messes we’ve created in order to grieve, heal and discover new pathways. We’re asked to let the old world order dissolve and shift from a self-centered view to the wisdom of solidarity and wholeness — from me to we, self to community, separation to connection, and radical belonging to the earth.

© Lone Mørch

Our feelings are the true gateway to hope,
creativity and sacred activism.

With Francis Weller words: “This is a season of remembering the ancient rhythms of soul. It is a time to become immense. To become immense means to recall how embedded we are in an animate world — a world that dreams and enchants, a world that excites our imaginations and conjures our affections through its stunning beauty.”

Invitation to “Stay With the Trouble”

Want to dive into the chaos with me and get naked in a whole new (respectfully distant) way? My new online program “ Staying with the Trouble “ is an intimate and creative group experience to support this deep dive into the chaos. We will mine the creative intelligence of our feelings, unravel the narratives we’re shaped by, deepen into the intelligence of life, take heed from system thinking and learn to navigate uncertain times, a little bit better. Details and dates sorted, when I’m fully recovered from Covid-19. Let me know if you’re interested:



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Lone Mørch

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