What conversation are you in?

Photo by Jan Saudek

How did we get here?

We live in a world built on subjugation, slavery,
genocides and (natural resource) exploitations.

Some of us benefit from what’s been created in our world more than others.

We all seem to seek polarity and position to define
ourselves, to fight for position, value, and reason to exist.

White privilege

Does it make me bad? Complicit? Compliant? How do I unpack my whiteness? I begin by asking: What do I know?

Having an opinion about race, privilege and power is different than having the experience. Rationalizing, analyzing and making up your mind about a situation, idea or ideal is different from ‘knowing it’ in your body & soul.

Opinion is not experience

I know what it’s like to grow up with a strong desire
to know what it means to be a liberated woman.

I know what it is like — in lieu of my global life — to constantly be forced to shift and expand perspective, and have my view, righteousnesses, prejudices, superiority feelings, know-betters shattered and unraveled.

I know what it is like to touch the skin of men of all colors.

This world IS me. Everything I have become is because of my intimate exploration and encounters with this world and “the ‘other.’”

Caretakers of life

So before we enter into the conversation about race, privilege and power, let us ask ourselves again: What do I know? What don’t I know? What are my explicit and implicit references?

I am aware of my shortcomings

What if we start close in, with nothing to defend?



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Lone Mørch

Lone Mørch

Author. Artist. Speaker. Creative catalyst. Living at the intersection of art, body, identity, nature and change. www.lonemorch.com